Author Storytelling Journey: True-to-Life Chronicles


Welcome to my exciting world of storytelling, where I transform real life experiences into meaningful, creative stories! Today we will begin a trip through my author storytelling journey.

So, what is a story? It’s a thoughtfully crafted journey, meant to stir feelings, make you think, and connect with your own life. Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time. It was how our ancestors passed knowledge from one generation to the next. In a way, life is its own story, with every moment writing a new page.


The Art of Storytelling: My Personal Path

As a writer, I use my own life to create stories that touch the heart and make you think. This isn’t only about being creative—it’s about connecting us all through shared human experiences. Storytelling brings empathy to life, inspires action, and leads to change. It’s a way to share our cultural history and give you an up-close look at our lives.


Reflections: The Start of my Author Storytelling Journey

Looking back on my own life became a key part of my storytelling process. The first time I considered authoring a book came from this process. The specific memory was of sitting through school assemblies with well-meaning but out-of-touch adults giving speeches that didn’t really connect. It was through these experiences that I learned the most valuable lessons don’t come from lectures, but from real-life interactions that mix support with challenges.

With this understanding, I wrote my first workbook, “The Come Up”, a kind of guide that encourages self-reflection and learning from experience rather than instruction.


Building Bridges with Real-life Experiences

In my journey as a writer, my work reflects the stages of my life. Each book represents a unique period, marked by real-life experiences—the highs and lows. By tying my own experiences into stories everyone can relate to, I create narratives that connect with a wide range of readers.

Stay tuned so you can see my growth as a storyteller, book by book.  The next time we meet, I will move on to my second book, from there, we will continue until we reach my most recent projects.

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