Meet the Author


Introducing Tracy Williams, an influential author, serial entrepreneur, and dedicated mentor whose passion lies in transforming lives through the art of storytelling. As a living testament to overcoming adversity, Tracy changed his life’s trajectory and earned a B.A. in Multi-Disciplinary Studies from Rochester Institute of Technology, specializing in Marketing and Economics. Until recently, he combined his skill for marketing with his love for his community in executive positions in Economic Development. Today, he passionately continues that mission in  striving to elevate his community through the CTW Foundation.

With a remarkable repertoire of 7 books, Tracy has built a reputation for creating insightful, impactful, and engaging works that resonate with readers from all walks of life. His innate ability to craft compelling narratives enables him to weave relatable and valuable lessons into his books, empowering readers to find inspiration, strength, and motivation to better themselves.

As an Entrepreneur

Tracy is also a part-owner of the thriving restaurant, The Charleston House, and a partner in WGW Publishing Inc., a publishing house dedicated to supporting authors with similar stories and backgrounds. His entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering determination to make a difference have fueled his success in various ventures.

As an Author

His groundbreaking Come Up series, including The Come Up and The Come Up: For Men, serve as essential guides for young and older men alike. These workbooks blend life experiences, carefully crafted scenarios, and a Socratic style of teaching to help men develop leadership skills and become the pillars of their families and communities.

Additionally, Tracy has authored three delightful and educational children’s books—Millionaire Marvin, Marvin’s Garden, and Eagles Belong in The Sky—that introduce essential life lessons and social concepts to young readers. His true fiction novels, Urban Development: Adapt Or Die and Urban Development: The Poison Pill, demonstrate his skill in crafting gripping, immersive stories exploring the complexities of the human experience while delivering valuable life lessons.

We invite you to delve into Tracy’s diverse collection of books, where you’ll uncover genuine warmth, wisdom, and inspiration within their pages. As you immerse yourself in the stories and lessons, you’ll find a world of growth and empowerment that encourages personal transformation. Feel free to explore, connect, and learn more about Tracy and his captivating works.

What to Expect

As you journey through the site, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Tracy’s inspiring story and his various endeavors. These include his roles in Economic Development, The Charleston House, and WGW Publishing Inc. You will learn more about his community outreach, the Wealth In Real Estate seminar, as well as his bicycle tour from Los Angeles, CA to New York City! Each aspect of his journey offers a unique perspective and valuable lessons that have shaped his literary work and overall vision.

Wrapping Up

Welcome to this space, where growth, empowerment, and inspiration converge! As you continue to explore, you’ll discover new insights and perspectives that have the potential to ignite personal transformation. Embrace this opportunity to learn, grow, and become an active participant in the incredible journey that Tracy has embarked upon.