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At WGW Publishing, we’re not just about publishing books; we’re about changing the conversation around urban life. Our aim is to shatter stereotypes and shine a spotlight on the positive, dynamic aspects of city communities. WGW Publishing is lead by Dr. Wandah Gibbs, our Vice-President, and myself, Tracy L. Williams, the President. Let’s dive in!

Meet Our Vice-President, Dr. Wandah Gibbs

Dr. Wandah Gibbs is more than our Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director; she is the soul of WGW Publishing. With degrees from Syracuse University, her focus on social justice and societal change gives our mission its heartbeat. Wandah inspires authors to voice what’s important to them, providing the kind of support that turns those sparks of ideas into fully realized projects.

A Bit About Me, Tracy L. Williams

I’m a native of Rochester, NY, a published author, and the Director of Marketing here. I have a Bachelors in Marketing from RIT and my work extends beyond the office. I’m deeply involved in urban renewal, business development, social entrepreneurship, and home ownership. My novels, like The Come Up series and Urban Development I & II, aim to redefine the narrative about urban living.

The Dynamic Talent We House

We don’t do it alone. The incredible authors we bring onboard change the game. From business owners to elected officials, teachers to VPs of Finance at universities, even the Pennsylvania Secretary of Education, our authors are proof of the talent and untapped potential coming out of urban environments. They’re not just telling stories; they’re breaking stereotypes and making positive contributions to their communities.

What Sets WGW Publishing Apart?

At the core of WGW Publishing are the pillars of honesty, fairness, and a determination to make a lasting impact. We believe in the capability and expertise emerging from urban areas, including the accomplished professionals these communities produce.

Wrapping Up

We’re not just a publishing house; we’re a movement committed to altering perceptions and highlighting the vibrant aspects of city life. With nearly 50 books published and an ever-expanding list of inspiring authors, we can’t wait to introduce you to the groundbreaking works that are coming your way. Stay tuned!

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