Unleashing the Apple Seed Within

Guide to Personal Growth


In my last blog, I wrote about our “compost” and how our lived experience affects how we view and live life. In life, every experience, every triumph, and every setback helps build us into a stronger person. These experiences are “compost”, which nourishes the garden of our existence. Just as compost transforms leftover scraps into valuable nutrients that feed the plants that grow from it, our experiences enrich our lives. Our experiences, no matter how trivial or transformative, catalyze personal growth. This concept illustrates the profound impact our “life’s compost” has on our journey toward fulfillment and success. The more we strive to live a meaningful, purposeful life of abundance, the more nutrient-rich that compost becomes.


“You can count the number of seeds in an apple, but you can not count the number of apples in a seed”


Think about an apple seed for a moment. Inside that tiny seed lies the potential to grow into a big apple tree, which can produce hundreds of apples, each with its own seeds. This simple example from nature shows us something incredible about ourselves, too.


The Infinite Potential Within

It’s pretty easy to count how many seeds are in an apple, but have you ever tried to count how many apples could come from just one seed? It’s a huge number, almost impossible to imagine. This idea isn’t just about apples and seeds; it’s a powerful way to think about our own potential. Every one of us is like that seed, full of possibilities. Our lives, shaped by our choices, actions, and where we are, can go in so many different directions.


Journey of Self-Improvement

Growing from a seed into a tree is a lot like our own journey to become our best. It’s about improving ourselves bit by bit, every day. Taking time to think about who we are helps us see where we can get better. This journey is about picking up new skills or getting better at what we do. It’s also about understanding ourselves more deeply and living a life that feels full and meaningful.


Our Ecosystem

A seed needs a lot to grow to its full potential. It is a part of a bigger world or ecosystem.  The soil, the bees, and other pollinators, consistent nutrient feeding, and the whole orchard. It is the same way our growth is tied to the people and environment around us. Our friends, family, and community all shape who we are and what we can become. Seeing how we’re all connected helps us realize the importance of supporting each other and being part of a community. It shows us that by helping others, we grow too.



The story of the apple seed is a perfect way to think about our own growth and potential. It reminds us that we all have the power to achieve amazing things. By taking care of ourselves, embracing the journey of getting better every day, and seeing how we fit into the bigger picture, we can unlock all our potential and limitless possibilities in life. Just like that tiny seed can grow into a tree full of apples, we can turn our potential into a reality full of opportunities and growth. And the trees we produce will continue our legacy.

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