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I want to be known for making more millionaires than anyone else.

I was was the kid who was told that he was the worst kid to ever set foot in his high school, the one who most expected to fail and no one expected to succeed. I had a troubled childhood, complete with fighting, suspensions, gang affiliations and a street lifestyle. This is the lifestyle I assumed I was supposed to have and what was expected of me. It wasn’t until I was exposed to new perspectives and opportunities such as wealthy black role models and more importantly, mentors. They played a large role in my growth and view of the world, but it still took me some time before I completely changed. Their influence was one pivotal role in my development. The other was the death of my first wife, after which I was faced with raising our children on my own. This was the deciding moment that moment that caused me to make the decision to turn my life around so I could be a person my kids could look up to.

I’d learned that 9-5 jobs weren’t for me because I didn’t feel like the pay matched my value and hard work. I liked the control I had as an entrepreneur. And because of the love of my community, my background and desire to see cultural change, I created a company that focuses on not just profits, but social responsibility as an integral part of business. I value action and creating jobs and opportunities for those whom others have left behind without hope. I know that given the right opportunity and the right mentorship, success in inevitable. When I reach out to mentor young men, I don’t just want to give them hope, I give them a job.

Through my real estate investment and urban renewal efforts, community action, public speaking and series of books, I’m focusing on my goal to mine the Gold in the Ghetto.

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