Growing Our Life’s Work

The Rich Soil of Our Experiences


In a garden, compost transforms leftovers into nutrients that help new plants thrive. Our lives are a lot like that. The experiences we collect – the daily grind, the surprises – they all mix together to create a rich foundation for growth.

How Life’s Experiences Grows Stories

As a writer, I see my experiences as my compost. When I’m out in my garden, I’m not just digging in the dirt; I’m learning about life’s cycles, about growth that comes from nurturing. These moments feed into my writing. The stories I craft for WGW Publishing are seasoned with the truth of these lived experiences, whether they’re reflecting quiet moments alone or the vibrant energy found in building community through The TLW Group Inc’s initiatives.

Life’s Compost Consists of a Variety of Experiences

Riding my bike isn’t just exercise; it’s a way to keep moving forward, see new sights, and push through challenges. It’s about endurance and joy. The ups and downs of cycling mirror life’s own and often finds a way into my writing, lending my characters a sense of real-world perseverance. Just like in economic development, where every small business, every investment, every bit of training adds up to create stronger communities, each piece of our personal ‘compost’ contributes to our story. Through my work, I aim to empower others, just as cycling empowers me. This mission, to build up neighborhoods, open doors of opportunity, and share knowledge, drives the change we want to see in the world. Life’s compost also consists of these stories. It’s the lushness of a well-tended garden, the energy of a community being lifted, the rhythm of a writer who’s also a cyclist, finding their way. It’s about the joys of breakthroughs in writing and the trials when things get tough.

Embracing the Mess

By embracing our compost, we’re choosing to fill our lives with variety, with a richness that makes every day worth living. If you’re afraid of a little mess, remember, it’s the messy parts that often lead to the greatest growth. Heather Sellers tells us that if we don’t like our compost, we should live differently, and she’s right. We need to keep changing, and keep doing, to make sure our lives and our work remain dynamic and full.

Living Fully

So here’s to our compost – to living fully and recognizing that everything we do is a seed for tomorrow. Each conversation, each choice, is an opportunity to enrich the ground from which our future springs.

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