Eagles belong in the sky

Teaching Kids to Soar


I wrote Eagles Belong in the Sky to nurture growth in kids. It’s a twist on the classic The Chicken and the Eagle tale. A farmer puts an eagle egg into a chicken nest and it grows up behaving like a chicken. In my version, however, a clever chicken convinces an eagle it’s just a regular bird. The compelling narrative and its hidden wisdom caught my attention. For that reason, I felt compelled to write this book.

The Value of Early Learning

You know how some crucial life wisdom is often kept from kids? Well, I say, why put it off? Consequently, Eagles Belong in the Sky delves right into that. The book sheds light on recognizing your self-worth and managing relationships. Two enormous concepts, yet absolutely vital for young minds to understand.

Behind the Tale: Society in Allegory

Now, you might be thinking this is merely a children’s book. However, the story uncannily reflects our broader societal issues. For instance, the chicken’s deceit serves as a significant warning. Specifically, it shows how even positive emotions like love can sometimes trip us up. Moreover, the book dissects this in a way that’s easy for kids, thereby encouraging them to dream bigger.

Learning Across Ages

One unique feature of my children’s books is their cross-generational appeal. Although the story is entertaining, it carries lessons that may go over a child’s head. That’s where adults come in. The shared reading fosters family bonding and enriches communication. It also gives both kids and grown-ups insights into forming better relationships and spotting untapped greatness.


To sum it up, Eagles Belong in the Sky isn’t just a collection of pages. It’s a learning tool and a conversation starter. Most importantly, it inspires kids and adults alike to stretch their wings and soar to new heights. You can find a copy here!

Eagles Belong in the Sky isn’t just a book; it’s a guide, a tool, and a friend. It’s a bridge that connects generations; instilling values, wisdom, and self-awareness. I wrote this book to inspire children to see beyond limitations, to recognize the greatness within themselves, and to foster stronger connections with the adults in their lives. I invite you to take flight with this story, explore the skies of possibility with your children, and together embrace the lessons that encourage us all to soar. You can find Eagles Belong in the Sky here.


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