Money Talks, What’s Your Money Saying?

I always make it a point to share valuable information. “No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main” – John Donne

Many of us do not understand the magnitude of what money accomplishes in our political system. We also don’t understand how important it is that we each become more stable as citizens and participate in our democracy. When we leverage the resources we have in our community (our human and social capital), only then will we see the changes we CLAIM we want.

The Gotham Gazette published an article, “Speaker Heastie PAC’ Brings in Big Money from Special Interests, Starts Giving to Candidates” discusses how Speaker Heastie, created a PAC and is using it to help push his agenda. He is trying to boost as many Democrats into Senate seats during the next election. This would give Democrats more control. Politically speaking, this does more than build a resume or ego, it plays a substantial role in policy that’s created as it relates to people within our communities.

Although it is important, it requires more than heading to polls and selecting representatives to make your voice heard. It requires having the money or influence to get the right representatives in place in order to be voted for.

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