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I am a husband, father and friend. I enjoy writing, gardening, cooking, traveling, and my latest skill, woodwork.

I am grateful someone employs me to help create an environment that allows others to acquire the funds and skills required to get rid of their boss’. Isn’t that ironic?

I believe that life ends when you stop learning.

To us, snow and cold seem a mere delaying of the Spring. How far we are from understanding the value of these things in the economy of Nature
~Henry David Thoreau

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Winter Garden
The story of

Tracy L. Williams

I am beyond grateful these days. I’ve spent 16 years making wonderful mistakes in my career. Meaning, I spent a lot of time and money learning hard lessons which culminated in everything I needed to know to be where I am at today. I go to work and absolutely LOVE what I am learning.

For the length of my career, none of it would be possible without my family. They are my motivation and more often than not, the source of my knowledge.


I am the SR. Vice President of Business Development for Rochester Economic Development Corporation. (REDCO). REDCO is a not-for-profit development corporation established to stimulate and increase business investment in the City of Rochester, New York. Currently I build relationships with local businesses and attract new businesses to the Rochester area. I help local and new businesses gain access to technical, financial and other services to help their companies grow.

I have over 15 years experience in residential real estate development as founder of the TLW Group Inc. I am a social entrepreneur and author of 7 books. My work within the community is seated in my work at the TLW Group and includes other businesses I’ve founded. These include The Wealth In Real Estate Seminar I’ve been teaching for several years and The Charleston House restaurant. Each endeavor was created to add value to the community. In 2019, I incorporated all these elements with a bike ride across the country to raise awareness about urban living conditions, educational and health disparities.

I enjoy writing, learning, bike riding, gardening, woodwork and spending time with my family. I am a graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology, with a BA in Marketing and Economics.

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I was welcomed into this world by my lovely family on October, 26 in Rochester, NY.

It was a rough ride but I graduated from John Marshall High school in 1992. One year later, I became a father.

I lost my first wife Courtney T. Williams in a car accident. This significantly changed my life.

I bought my first rental property. It was small but was key in the TLW Group strategy of buying homes and repairing  in low income areas so residents have better options to choose from.

2012- I released my first book, The Come Up

2013- I opened The Charleston House restaurant. A large upscale fusion of American & Southern cuisines. It had space to present local artists an opportunity to share their music, poetry & comedy.

I worked with local organizations to put together the Run for Revitalization. A 5k run to increase health awareness in the black community.

I also returned to RIT to complete my Bachelors degree in Marketing & Economics.

I work at REDCO as mentioned above. I am still an author and I spend more time focusing on my own health and wellness which includes many things that I will discuss on this page.